Highlander movie

Last week Portuguese television showed the first movie with Christopher Lambert, and although poor Brenda had to do a lot of screaming, it was nice to watch. Fans are Fans, after all.

This week, they showed “The Source” and again, I could not bring myself to watch the thing as it is simply too bad.

We really need to wipe the slate clean and have a new Highlander movie which allows us to forget the terrible sequels that were thrown at us. Summit Entertainment & Lionsgate: do something!! A Highlander prequel could deliver nicely if it answer the questions we fans have.


A picture of Primrose Everdeen from the novel ...

A picture of Primrose Everdeen from the novel The Hunger Games. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In January 2012, Summit Entertainment has been bought by Lions Gate Entertainment. This means that the rights to the Highlander franchise have been shoved into a new drawer in somebody else’s desk (Erik Feig is still in the band, though). These people are so successful with the “Twilight Saga” and now “The Hunger Games“, they have no time or energy to delve into the old stuff.

My prequel is still sleeping in the glass coffin, like Sleeping Beauty.  Patience…

This is it, this is the last scene, all is explained, everything has been revealed.

Funny: I started this blog in August 2010 and boosted it with an expert, but my stats tell me that Summit Entertainment and Erik Feig never found my story for this Highlander Prequel (didn’t answer my previous emails, of course…).  Only a few bots hit my pages – so much for visibility in the Internet  – it seems my story is well hidden in the midst of the all-pervasive Cloud! (More down to Earth, it’s also stored in the US National Copyright Office.)

Would the Highlander Fans out there, if they ever read the story, if they ever saw this movie, be happy with the result??  It’s up to speculation.

I’m going to do something else now, people!!


Through the Looking-Glass -- and the parallel ...

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We should consider this to be a good vision as to what happens when we die – our soul, our Atman, moves from Eta to some other parallel dimension.

In youth, our body is a gleaming, state-of-the-art razzle-dazzle spaceship; we roam life with our strapping, glorious body and a huge can-do attitude. While we get older our vessel turns into an old Ferrari, then it withers down to a shabby Ford pickup and worse. It doesn’t feel like a vehicle but rather, an oversized anchor which is dragging us down.

Imagine you inhabited a body for 2000 years… In death we cut the rope, lose the anchor and get going – the self is not the body.

Crime prevention honor Gold Medal

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Too much holiness is not good for a script – this is getting way too sentimental.
Let’s get rid of a character or two, what do you say?

Let’s kill somebody, and who will be the perpetrator? This story HAS to come to an end, only two scenes are left to be published…. no more prequel, no more Highlander!

Summit Entertainment, the owner of the Highlander rights, hasn’t found this blog yet, so there is no threat of further work lurking in the shadows. It has its advantages, I will be able to do something else soon!

Aaron Sorkin at the John F. Kennedy Internatio...

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Duncan has a gut feeling… and we shall serve him something to stomach; let’s see how he will handle it.

Besides, now we have a future for our heroes – how about a “Highlander – the Diplomats” series? Admittedly, without sword fights (Adrian Paul is sick and tired of it, right?) but with a lot of good conversation and controversy. My favorite for this job would be Aaron Sorkin, people.

Babies need parents, and adopting is a good alternative, don’t you think?

These two babies are the last of their kind to come to ETA; the Tropaion will fall into disuse. Maryam doesn’t need to watch over them; their new parents will do that. She could take a nice, long holiday, wouldn’t  you?

But there is another option.